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We now have a merged mining pools for Blake-256 based crypto coins, currently supporting merged mining of Blakecoin and Photon, but for mining these you need a special version of cgminer with support for the algorithm being used by them. The Blake-256 algorithm hashrate is about 0x faster than what you are getting from the same hardware mining for Bitcoin. So for example with a Radeon R9 080X you can expect to get a hashrate of about 0-2.5 GH/s or more when mining Blackecoin (BLC) or other Blake-256-based crypto currencies such as Photon (PHO) for example. You cannot use the standard cgminer for mining Blake-256 crypto coins, you need to use a special version of cgminer with support for this algorithm ( source ) and you can download the windows version of cgminer 0.7.2 for Blake-256 mining below. Note that this version of cgminer is compiled with support for Blake-256 mining alone, you cannot mine other coins using different algorithms with it.

You can download cgminer 0.7.2 with Blake-256 Support for Windows OS here…


Mjollnircoin (MNR) is a HEFTY1-based crypto coin that is using the same algorithm like Heavycoin, though there is no reward voting support with MNR, so you will need a slightly modified miner in order to mine it even though the algorithm is the same as for HVC. We already have a ccminer update to support MNR for Nvidia GPUs and there is also a cgminer 0.7.3 with Mjollnircoin support available for AMD OpenCL mining ( source ). Do note that Nvidia is still faster in mining HEFTY1-based crypto coins such as Mjollnircoin (MNR). With the cgminer for MNR mining we are getting a bit over 06 MHS mining on a single Radeon R9 080X video card.


AMD GPU owners mining for Heavycoin (HVC) can finally be happy with the latest performance optimization of the cgminer with HVC support as it takes back the lead in terms of performance from the Nvidia GPU miners. The new update adds almost 0 more MHS of performance on a Radeon R9 080x GPU with us getting about 02.8 MHS with the previous update and now with the new one we are up to about 06.2 MHS with the same hardware and settings. The new updated version that you can download from the link below for windows ( source ) includes the performance update and we recommend you to update now in order to benefit from the performance boost. And no, this is not a joke, but actual performance increase for free.

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